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How it works if you are a supplier



Know the list of invited decision makers. The invited buyers / prescribers are: managing director, economic director, operations director, business development director, general services director, purchasing director, infrastructure director, engineering director, maintenance and works director, facilities director, property manager, project manager, architect director, etc.



Sign up and book your meeting package. The allocation of meetings is in order of registration. Registering before gives you priority to meet with the most requested buyers. The competition is limited. Supplier positions for each product category are limited.



Choose your meetings 2 weeks before the event. When you choose your meetings, you will know which buyers have shown interest in meeting with you and you will know the reform projects and / or new centers of the total number of attending buyers.



Meet One to One for 20 min at each buyer’s table. Upon arrival you will receive your agenda of meetings distributed in the two days of the forum.



Meet with buyers, informally, in your product exhibition space in the same meeting room. You can show your product during meetings with the chosen buyers and the other buyers attending between meetings.



Establish relationships of trust in the different networking spaces. During the two days you will share with all attendees: cocktails, lunch, dinner, breakfast, coffee breaks, conferences, arrival and departure transfers, etc.



Add more meetings to the meeting package you purchased at the time of registration. You can add extra meetings up to two weeks before the event, when you go to choose your meetings and see that you need more.