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Buyers / specifiers

Purchasing decision makers / specifiers who know how we work

HOSPEA’s One to One format is very efficient because it really optimizes the times a lot. You have the opportunity to see yourself with a significant number of companies in a very short time and create a link that can really be very efficient when carrying out projects..”

Quirónsalud · Andalusian Territorial Directorate

Practical, effective, for people who normally have little time. It allows to know, both from buyers and sellers, the other party in a reasonable time. It forces us to focus on the message and I found it very interesting, very useful. Specifically, in my person I had 14 meetings, which would be unthinkable in another scenario. Recommended both for those who have the function of knowing aspects of the market as well as those who have to publicize their products or services.”

Ribera Salud Grupo · Deputy Director of Group Development

The relationships established between hospital partners and providers leads to future contacts and is very beneficial everywhere. It is worth participating and repeating.”

HM Hospitales · Group Maintenance Manager

An event that saves us time, is efficient and above all effective. To be located in the same place both to suppliers, as to potential buyers, the truth is that it greatly facilitates contact and openness to new solutions.”

Vithas · Head of Energy Management and Sustainability of the Group

A format that I liked very much. It is super productive. In the office you don’t have time to receive so many suppliers.”

Sanitas · Director of General Services

Dynamism and closeness when meeting colleagues and other companies in our sector.”

DomusVi · Zone, Infrastructure and Facilities Supervisor

It allows, in a very short time, to meet many suppliers that during the year is very complicated. Recommended to other counterparts.”

Hospital Universitari Vall D’Hebron · Infrastructure and Technology Director

Dynamic, productive and efficient. A fast and agile exchange of buyer and supplier knowledge.”

Hospital Universitario La Paz · Director of Management and General Services

Get, in a short space, effective management and reach the top management of companies. You can get very relevant information and it is likely that you can reach future meetings and future strategic synergies with suppliers. Innovative and effective format, and the truth is that highly recommended.”

Intercentros Ballesol · Director of the Department of Real Estate, Purchases and Services

The HOSPEA format is very successful and makes us closer to suppliers with buyers. It opens our minds to everything in the market today. I would recommend it to my counterparts.”

ACCIONA Sociedad Concesionaria Hospital del Norte · Deputy Technical Manager

An area of ​​knowledge between suppliers and prescribers. I would recommend HOSPEA to my counterparts for the usefulness that I have discovered in this format.”

Hospital General Univ. Gregorio Marañon · Head of Purchasing and Logistics Service

It’s great to bring together architects and engineers with suppliers and health managers. A format that I loved and seems very productive. I would recommend counterparts to participate.”

ENERO Arquitectura · Business Development Manager

It is going straight to the goal you want to achieve. Both on the one hand and on the other. There are no interruptions. You are outside the scope of each of the two and this gives you an effectiveness, a concentration, which you cannot achieve in another format. In two days you go through a number of customers, partners and colleagues, which you can hardly concentrate on in such a short time in another format.”

JG Ingenieros · Managing Director

Very suitable. Very agile and very efficient way to know, in a short time, a lot of products that are coming to the market and have a relationship with your counterparts. A very successful format.”

IDOM · Hospital Architecture Manager

We establish relationships with suppliers, directly, face to face, outside our work environment, and that makes it easier for us to focus on everything they offer us. I would recommend HOSPEA to peers and colleagues in the same profession.

Quirónsalud Valencia · Nursing Director

In these 20 minutes it allows you to be completely focused on what they present to you, which is very complicated in the day-to-day work. You have the possibility to keep up to date with what is in the market. It is a way to be able to focus all the search for materials, contacts with suppliers, in a very practical way. Suppliers know in advance what projects you are developing and with whom they have to talk about the team and everything is easier.”

PMMT Arquitectura · Director Architect

HOSPEA seems fantastic to me. We see things we did not know, you learn a lot and it is very good to be in touch with the industry.”

Aidhos Arquitectura · Director Architect

A way to meet new suppliers in a personalized way, thanks to the pre-selection that is made before attending the event, and where you can negotiate products that can give you coverage to current projects.”

Quirónsalud Murcia · Director of Nursing

An opportunity to meet companies that work every day does not allow me.”

Hosp. Univ. 12 de Octubre · Director of General Services


Suppliers who know how we work

“It takes a lot of time and interviews you have with the different professionals. In 20 min conversations you clearly see the following steps to deal with all of them. It is very efficient and you can take many issues forward and many opportunities appear.”

Hillrom · Business Development Manager

It allows us to approach those people who are not so accessible on a daily basis. This closeness for two days is wonderful. A unique event I would highly recommend HOSPEA to all companies in the health sector.”

Air Liquide Healthcare · Commercial Manager Strategic Projects

It is a success, it is 100% effective, very dynamic, with very focused interviews, very direct and very productive. The success is 100% assured because it is much more relaxed, more relaxed, the treatment is yours to you and the approach is very direct. An event, especially for supplier companies, of high productivity. An event that is 100% recommended.”

Medicare System · Commercial Director

“I liked it very much and would recommend it to anyone interested in participating because the truth is that it is a sure success. Something to repeat for sure.”

KRION Grupo Porcelanosa · Commercial Director

A fantastic format. An opportunity to interact with people to whom you have access in a very easy way. It allows you to contact customers in a neutral space where we can spend time without any phone call clipper.”

Schindler · Key Account Manager

The possibility of contacting so many clients, or potential clients, in such a small space of time. A multi-company, multi-relational meeting and, above all, thinking about networking, an ideal meeting.”

Ibernex · Managing Director

“I think it is a very efficient way to manage our time in the relationship with suppliers and customers. It has allowed me to have meetings with companies, with hospitals and with the right interlocutors that I wanted in record time. I would recommend HOSPEA to my counterparts.”

Tessa Assa Abloy · Acces Control Iberia Sales Manager

A very spectacular format. An event to recommend to all companies in the sector.”

Fagor Industrial · Key Account Hospitales

The One to One format is one of the most interesting because in a short space of time we can concentrate many meetings. In two days a lot of work is concentrated that in time would be very difficult, for a year, for many months, to get those visits, those appointments, … in order to get contacts difficult to access.”

ITALSAN · Hospital Division Coordinator

We meet the perfect interlocutor. On the one hand people who want to offer new things like people who are especially receptive to look for them. I would recommend HOSPEA to any provider and any customer.”

Comercial Hostelera · Commercial manager

An event different from what is on the market, very innovative and with high profitability. You do not have to go looking for the client to each site without having it directly here, to everyone together to offer my services. You also have within reach a person who is receptive, who listens to you and who wants to buy.”

ISECO · Manager

Very fast and agile way to generate an encounter with our potential clients and discover what we can offer them. An effective event, in which after the meetings you can get fast results.”

Wincare · Commercial Director

Highly recommended in terms of format and type of audience that attends. The possibility of doing all interviews in one place without having to travel is an advantage.”

Aramark · Commercial manager

Very professional. Customized based on what the manufacturer or customer wants to achieve. A 100% effective event since I have achieved the goal I was looking for.”

TTS · Commercial Director

You establish relationships of trust with the client and this helps me to talk about you to you. Here the client becomes very friendly with you.”

FM Grupo Tecnológico · Manager

It helps us a lot to reduce time, reduce costs, even to take out concrete projects with name and surname that will allow us to return that investment. A much more efficient and profitable format than a fair.”

El Corte Inglés · Health Director

In two days we will see a large number of buyers / specifiers that would otherwise cost us 6 months or a year, and also we would not reach that level of contact quality.”

SOCAMEL · Subsidiary Director